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Accepting something is hard. There’s a lot of things that I said in the past and regretting it in the future.

I used to hate Ruby because at first glance it’s hard to read and confusing, I remember having a pretty heated conversation with a friend about it. Well, after a few moments of actually learning Ruby, I fell in love with it and started hating Python and became a Ruby fanboy.

It’s common for me to immediately hating after becoming a fanboy or watching a video on hating X. Yeah, I know it’s pretty childish and I’m trying to not do it. It’s pretty hard nowadays to build my own genuine opinions after seeing someone else’s opinions, especially the ones you trust.

An old friend of mine told me on the last presidential election that I became an immediate fanboy of the losing campaign. Well, yeah, that was on elementary school. That’s because my family supports the losing campaign and I follow tehm. But, I noticed that I’m doing the same nowadays, which I regret.

On my last blog post, I wrote the fact that I hate competitive programming. Well, I still don’t like the idea of competitive programming, but the hate is getting smaller after interacting with the mentors. I wrote "cancerous elitism" probably because I was really pissed that this competition is taking my schedule a lot. Anyway, I still don’t like it and it should be considered as a not-so-needed skill, because in practice stuff like what competitive programming is practicing is really rare. Not a lot of people are writing their own sorting function, you use what’s inside your language’s standard library. Not a lot of people are writing their own OpenGL or software renderer, people use game engines or libraries like SDL.

I think competitive programming shouldn’t be prioritized as the competition for measuring computer/programming skills. I remember one of the mentors talks about his experience in collaborating with other people on a project and how it’s unpleasant. His problems were inconsistent code style, unreadable code, etc. Well, that’s one of the reasons why I think something like Google Code-in should be prioritized over something like competitive programming. Why? Because in GCI you contribute to actual free software projects and practice collaborating with other people and collective work. You’ll know how to contribute, how to work with other people, and useful stuff that keeps the project going stable and maintainable like Version control systems (ex. git), linters (ex.coala), static code analysis, continous integration (ex. travis), documentation tools (ex. docutils), etc. Not to mention, when you contribute to free software, you’ll get criticsm from other programmers. This criticsm is important to improve your skills and be a lot better. So you won’t be a turtle inside your shell and keep doing the same crap forever.

Anyway, someone called me the Indonesian version of Stallman because I prefer FLOSS a lot and use it over nonfree software. Well, they’re not wrong, but I’m not that hardcore because I still rely on nonfree software/services like Telegram, Twitter, Github, etc.

I got a email address which is sweet. It’s and I really wanna use it more. For now, I’m still using as my main email. I’m still waiting for IMAP support, etc. Most likely i’ll just set it to forward to my main email. Who knows.

Also, you may notice a new look on my blog. Well, I really want an improved and more readable look of it. At first, I wanna try make my own theme but I really suck at front-end (I would never be as good as @hemangsk). So, I ended up forking Pure theme and make some changes, like make the sidebar to be sexy pink and change some other stuff like my waifu on the corner.

Also, I can’t come up with titles for my posts, because most of them are just "updates" or something that I have in mind.

I dockerized GitMate and really like the result, there are some bugs that I’ll fix tomorrow or later. I’m still pretty stressed with the bugs that came up on production, which I hope we can find the source. We probably need more eyeballs.

My birthday is coming up, but I won’t be getting any presents because my Dad already bought me a really awesome laptop. Which is okay. Another thing that I wanna do after I’m 17 is to create a National ID card and create a new bank account so I can actually receive money from various freelancing work.

I’m really grateful for everything that happened to me in this year. I won GCI 2016, working for FLOSS organizations, freelancing on various projects. I’m really lucky.

Also, after actually meeting with the other participants I noticed a lot of interesting people. Since i’m on the province level and everything is more concetrated. I can talk with more people and meet them.

I wanna promote GCI to them at some time, probably when I lose on the province level because I honestly doubt that I win. Some of the mentors has some hopes that I win. But I honestly doubt that. If I do, I have no idea and very grateful to Allah.

I really wanna tell people and promote FOSS to local programmers especially the ones who wanna be programmers because it’s the most effective way to practice and improve their skills. I’m hoping more people will join Besut Kode 2017. I don’t know if I’ll be a mentor again this year, so yeah.

I’m really grateful and really wanna thank Wikimedia Indonesia for doing programs and initiatives like Besut Kode, WikiLatih, etc. They’re really nice people and are doing really awesome things. I wish more teachers, professors, people contribute to Wikipedia Indonesia. You see, a lot of teachers don’t like Wikipedia because of it’s "inaccurateness" and collective ways, I really want to tell them, "If you know it’s wrong, fix it". Because it’s stupid to think something open and collective will always be wrong even though there’s a lot of people who verifies changes and reverts vandalism.

I’m also really grateful to be a part of coala and FOSSASIA. They’ve done a lot for me, even if it’s indirect. They gave me experiences in FOSS, System Administration experiences, etc. I wish I took more photos when I visit FOSSASIA 2017.

Also, I noticed a lot of the competitive programming mentors haven’t heard about GSoC. Like seriously. They know Google Code Jam, but not GSoC. Well, I’m hoping to promote it to them at some point of time.

Talking about GSoC, I’m mentoring for coala this year. Which is awesome. I’m hoping I can be a student for GSoC in the future. If not, I’ll probably join Xorg’s EVOC.

coala is considering doing it’s own summer coding program. Which is awesome, no idea if it’ll be a thing or not though.

Also, yeah, I kinda wanna do things for Xorg in the future. I just don’t have the time to learn the code base and more stuff about C and UNIX programming. I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try.

Another thing that I wanna do is more advanced stuff like Assembly/Low Level programming. Just as a hobby. I don’t know where should I start.

Anyway, right now, I really want a new ergonomic keyboard because my current one is start to become a pain. Sure it’s not bad as the old one but it’s starts to become a pain. I’m looking at the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard and start saving money for it. I don’t know if my parents would buy it for me or not because it’s pretty expensive.

I also wanna continue my Linux primer book, I’m hoping to that pretty soon, because I wanna teach my friends the beauty of *nix operating systems.

Anyway, That’s it for now. This damn AsciiDoc file is fucking 143 lines long.

Thanks, Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan

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