Hello World

Hello World, because of popular demand, I’m starting a new blog powered by Jekyll and GitHub pages. In the future, I’ll probably post semi-serious or random stuff in this webpage. My upcoming post will be my 1.5 month experience participating in Google Code-in 2016.

I’m planning to "prettify" this website as much as I can (if you know enough, you can see I’m not good at design or drawing).

If you don’t know me, I just want to say Hello, nice to meet you <3. My name is Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan or commonly known under the alias yuki\_is\_bored. I’m just your average, \*nix system adminstrator and programmer. I usually do it when "I have the time", because I’m currently still in my second year of High School.

Recently, I’ve became the grand prize winner GCI 2016 under the FOSSASIA org, but more detail for that later.

English is not my native language so expect some nasty grammer mistakes, if you notice some, please tell me via twitter or Email because I want to improve my writing skills.

That is all, Thanks for reading!

P.S: All of my posts will always be signed under my [Keybase account][keybase] as a detached .sign file inside the _signs folder on the [repo][repo].

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