Hello again

Hello world, it’s been a long time since I write something. Well, due to a lot of constraints like school, work, and some other stuff. It’s hard to find a good time and mood to write something.

You probably noticed that the whole site change. In fact, it’s not just the looks of it but the whole infrastructure and setup.

I replaced Jekyll with Pelican due to a number of things:

  1. It’s complex to utilize

  2. It’s confusing for most of the time

  3. It mainly uses markdown

Sure, this is really opinionated but really this is just a tool that I as the user uses to generate static pages and publish it on Github pages.

The main reason why I like Pelican more than Jekyll is simplicity of usage, clear documentation, and extensibility. I just don’t find Jekyll to be a really nice tool for my needs.

Not to mention that I can write in AsciiDoc instead of the absurd mess that everyone loves, Markdown.

I really don’t like Markdown because of it’s ambiguity and weird nature. It was never made to be a good markup language. The main sole purpose of Markdown is to be parsed to HTML and make it "easier" to write. It’s not mainly made to write papers, books, nor articles. Not to mention a lot of good stuff are lacking.

Also, I won’t be signing my blog posts because I commonly lose my PGP keys. Well, that’s just bad on my part and I’m looking a good way to utilize PGP and pEp seems to be a good project making it easier for normal people to use it.

Still, I’m looking for a good way to backup my private keys encrypted. I find keybase cloud encryption backup to be quite confusing because I can’t find a way to get the keys to my system by any means.

Actually, the main reason I don’t want to sign my blog posts is because I can’t find a good way to embed it without having junk on the rendered document.

I’ve been working a lot on solar lately and not much on Loklak. Well, this is because I favor system administration work over programming. I’m not quite sure which one I should take because programming is starting to be a more of a hobby thing for me. Sure, I still love creating and writing free software but I just love doing "DevOps"/sysadmin work more. This is probably because I’m heavily addicited to *nix systems.

I also built my own retro gaming machine with my Raspberry Pi 3 and it’s really awesome. I use RetroPie but not the image file because downloading it is too slow to the point it just fails (smh github releases). So I ended up using raspbian and install it manually. I can finally relax with Chrono Trigger and Castlevania <3.

I just watched KonoSuba season 2 and it was funny as the first season. I find it amusing how unique and charming the whole anime is and I’m looking forward for the next season. I also find it quite unique to parody SAO but with more quality than it.

It’s been a long time since I read Re:Life and I haven’t read the new chapters since February. Please don’t mail me spoilers ;w;, I want to read it someday.

I also find it amusing that I can surpass to the province level at the type of event that I really hate with a passion which is Competitive Programming. Yes, I joined the local """Computer""" Olympiad which is CP with more cringy and cancerous elitism. I find some of the contestants quite amusing and I promote Google Code-In and Besut Kode to the other contestants to my suprise nobody even heard of the program. There were a handful of people who heard about it but didn’t joined, I find it quite sad that the ministry of education promotes total garbage that won’t even be used in their carreer over an actual free and open source software contributor kickstarter like GCI that would look fucking gorgeous on the Resume/CV.

The goverment doesn’t care by any means about Free and Open Source Software. They’ll use pirated copies of Windows, Office, and some other cancerous shites. The ministry of education has failed to educate the people on ownership and copyright because they’re the ones who distributes pirated copies of Windows Server 2012 to schools via VirtualBox Hard Drive images for their Computer based National Exams program. I find it to be quite a bang to the head. It’s ironic where the president of Indonesia wants a war with pirated goods but his own goverment keeps pirating Windows, Office, and a mountain of things.

Here’s a tip promote free software also free as in free speech not free beer. I believe free software can help the country to become better and more transparent. Free software promotes diversity, collaboration, and teaches people. Unlike non-free software where nobody can learn from it or improve it other than the sole owner. Besides, I really don’t like the fact pirated software are sold publicly without any shame. It’s like selling tobacco without regulations and freely to everyone.

And here I am building networks and servers for my school with solely free software. Setup an awesome instance of Moodle for my school and setup the students' wifi with pfSense and OpenWRT. It proved to be a reliable choice. In fact, We did comparison with pfSense on a Modern Pentium Machine vs Routerboard running MikroTik. pfSense proved to be more faster and lesser latency than the expensive routerboard.

Why use non-free software and even worse pirating it, use free software and share it with your friends and neighbors.

Man, I sound like Richard Stallman all of the sudden. Even though I like how BSD does things than GNU/Linux. Sorry, Stallman.

It’s been a terribly long time since I write code in Go. I find it amusing because it’s my favorite language of all time. This is probably the fact the orgs I mainly work with is using Java or Python and none of them uses Go daily.

I’m also becoming a GSoC mentor mostly for experiences and helping coala. I’m hoping I can still join GSoC, if not I’ll probably do X.org EVOC instead.

Man, this is really turing out to be a really long post where I blab mostly about what’s going on lately. I should blog more often just to get stuff out of my chest.

There’s this beauty in Emacs when you use it for writing. It’s really really smooth unlike anything. I don’t like word processors like Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer, etc. I just find them to be quite ambigious and find their shortcuts to be mundane. I write faster with AsciiDoc on Emacs. That’s just how it is.

Since I got this blazing new laptop, I can finally listen to music, write stuff, do a mountain of other things while doing heavy load in the background like compiling. This Lenovo Ideapad running i7 Kabylake is seriously too good to be true on this price and it is. Sure, it has a really annoying problem because it uses realtek wifi which is absolute crap on Linux but that’s okay I guess I’ll just buy a wifi dongle that uses Atheros.

Also, GCI Experience post… Yeah… probably later.

That’s about it, I guess. Thanks for reading this really really long blab which I doubt anyone to be reading it.

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